Introducing Tuareg!

Introducing the latest new model from Aprilia....  The trail taming Tuareg!


Design and Function

Just like the best outdoor apparel and technical equipment, every stylistic choice of the Tuareg 660 is dictated by function. The Tuareg 660’s design is authentic: the result of tests and checks that ensure its design supports its function. It expands your riding potential instead of limiting it. Each and every detail is conceived to fulfil one or more tasks and is designed to make you an active part of the system.

Power and Intelligence

Being born with the name Tuareg 660 means making the most advanced technology available to serve any impulse to adventure. It means engine performance and technological functionality that cannot be measured in numbers alone, but rather through the infinite riding potential available to you: starting from everyday asphalt all the way to the most demanding off-road riding.

Poise and Balance

Tuareg 660 pulls off the magic of amplifying the exceptional pleasure of Aprilia riding across a 360° range of use, supporting your unconditioned craving for exploration.
The secret? A meticulous fine tuning of the suspension settings with exceptional travel and stiffness of the brand-new composite frame: the new balance you’re looking for, to overcome new challenges.

Nimble and Responsive

On or off the road, speed and dynamism have an element in common that they demand: safety when tackling any obstacle. The higher the bar is raised, the more the Tuareg 660 responds with that unmistakable Aprilia feeling: the bike becomes an extension of your body and your senses, reacting instantly to your every impulse.
When a rock is in your way? It’s time to make a jump.
That imperfect asphalt? It’s an invitation to lean harder.
Obstacles? They're just part of the fun.

Prices start from £10,800


Our stock bikes are here so get your order in soon to be one of the first to ride this revolutionary all terrain motorcycle!

Now available on 5.9% APR